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Prize Game Subscription Service Rules and Regulations

This is a quarterly Prize-draw competition service brought to you by Spot4FunSpot4Fun is owned and operated by Methilonia Limited. We are not affiliated or connected with any of the brands associated with the prizes we offer as part of our competitions. You can contact Spot4Fun Limited any time on 019038309 or if you prefer by sending an email to [email protected].

Our service is charged at €10.00 (€2.5 x 4 OR €2 x 5) per week and offers you the chance to win a prize for every quarter you play. If you are a Post-pay or contract mobile phone user you will be charged for your entry to your mobile telephone bill, otherwise if you are a pay-as-you-go customer your entry will reduce your credit by the equivalent value. Once you have joined the Spot4Fun service you can stop any time you wish quickly and easily by texting the word STOP to 57977 or 57721. This will terminate the service on receipt and end your chance to win the Prize-draw competition. Only active participants can be declared the winner of the prize-draw.

How it all works

To join the service you must pay the first weekly charge. Each week you will be presented with a quiz question either by SMS (text message) or via a link to our online Question Portal, and to be entered into the Prize-draw you must both provide the correct answer to the quiz question and successfully pay that week’s entry fee. The prize you have the chance of winning is clearly advertised on this site and will be confirmed in an SMS.

A prize-winner is selected at each quarter using random selection process incorporating a sophisticated computer algorithm with no human intervention. This algorithm is a program that independently pools all eligible participants and selects a mobile number. The chosen mobile number is declared the winner and contacted by our customer care team to arrange prize delivery. If as a prize-winners you have a choice of prizes or prize attributes (e.g. colour options) you will be asked to make these choices as part of the winners notification and fulfillments process.

Each prize-draw commences on Friday at exactly midnight (00:00:00) and ends the following Thursday at exactly one second before midnight (23:59:59). This period of time is the prize-draw period and will automatically reset each week after the draw is made.

As a participant, you may join other Spot4Fun prize-draw services provided by Methilonia Limited. Each Spot4Fun competition is combined into a single prize-draw and prize-winners are awarded all prize(s) for the competitions they have entered. A competition entry is a virtual ticket, and if you enter multiple competitions you will have multiple tickets in the prize draw each week.

If you wish to opt-out from receiving promotions you can email with the subject line as 'opt-out' of marketing to remove it from our marketing database. You may still see adverts for Spot4Fun services in websites and applications because such adverts are served by third-party ad-servers inline with the commercial agreements in place between the third-party publishers and ad-network (independent of Spot4Fun and its associates).

Terms of service

a) If you are 16 years of age or over and resident in the Republic of Ireland you are eligible to take part in this Spot4Fun competition. If you are under the age of 16 years, you may be able to complete the entry process depending on your mobile network, handset settings or other configuration but your entry will be rendered invalid and you will not be eligible to win the prize. If you are under 16 years of age please do not enter so as to avoid disappointment.

b) Other than the age restriction in (a), you can join this Spot4Fun service so long as you are not employed by Methilonia Limited, or related to a any persons (not restricted to current members of staff) that has been involved in any other aspect of the Spot4Fun Prize-draw service.

c) You will be charged a weekly cost of €10.00 per prize-draw by Premium Rate Text Message (PSMS) or Mobile Operator Billing. Both methods are regulated and bone fide payment technologies. These charges will either appear on your monthly mobile phone bill or reduce your available credit if you are a pay-as-you-go customer. If you require further information on these official mobile payment technologies, please consult your mobile phone operator. Your mobile phone operator is not affiliated to the Spot4Fun service. For many reasons it is possible for charges to your mobile to occur after the end of a quiz period, for example owing to but not restricted to network and technical issues.

d) In the event of that you wish to challenge any charges incurred on your mobile phone as part of this service, refunds are provided in exceptional circumstances and only at the discretion of Methilonia Limited. Any claim will be subject to a full investigative including the analysis of the mobile phone users interaction with a service, the service pages they have visited, the information they were presented and the interactions they took to join a service, including but not restricted to the receiving and sending of SMS messages. In the event that any refund is awarded, by joining this service you accept that the maximum award will be equal to the charges incurred in the first week of the service. No other charges will be considered without exception. A maximum of one refund per mobile number will be awarded. In the case of joining multiple services or rejoining a service, one refund will be awarded per mobile number for one week only. For example if a user was to join a service on Monday, leave on Tuesday, re-join on Wednesday and leave on Thursday, they would only be alleged to receive one refund for the first service that they joined. This would also be the case if a user was to join multiple services.

e) Once you have entered the Prize-draw, you can exit or stop at anytime by sending the word “STOP” to the shortcode of 57977. By stopping, you will no longer have a chance to win the prize and will no longer be charged for entry. Only stop requests sent to the shortcode advertised herein will be processed as a valid stop request and you are responsible for meeting these minimal requirements.

f) A Prize-draw will take place each quarter. Eligible participants will be derived from those who have both answered the most relevant weekly question correctly and paid for the week’s entry. This group will be determined before 11:59pm on each Thursday of the prize-draw period. The prize-winner is selected at random using a sophisticated computer algorithm with no human intervention. If you’re a prize-winner you will either be telephoned by the Customer Care team or alerted by SMS (text message) to call in. Full contact details will be requested for prize delivery fulfillment and a brief informal statement requested on how it feels to be a winner. From time to time, prize-winners will be asked to take part in a photo-shoot for pictures to be used in conjunction with statements to promote the service. Participation in the prize-draw is your consent to the use of your geographical location and Name (or alias) and photograph where applicable in the promotion of the service as deemed fit by the providers. You must claim prizes awarded within 28 days following your notification.

g) By participating in the prize-draw you are consenting to receive information, marketing and offers from Spot4Fun, Methilonia Limited and its partners, including but not restricted to post, email, text message and telephone calls. If you wish to opt-out from receiving promotions you can email [email protected] with the subject line as 'opt-out' of marketing to remove it from our marketing database.

h) Methilonia Limited will make best endeavors to maintain the consistent running of the Spot4Fun prize-draw service, but reserves the right to end or amend any aspect of it at its sole discretion and without prior notice, except in instances where the cost of the service is amended. Changes to entry charges will not be made without your prior consent throughout the lifetime of the service. Methilonia Limited reserves the right to withhold the delivery of prizes to facilitate its ordering and delivery schedule. If reasons so permit, prizes can be withheld indefinitely pending a full investigation into the legitimacy of the prize-winner and their entry/entries.

i) Data protection. See the separate privacy policy.

Methilonia Limited reserves the right to adjust the terms and conditions of this Spot4Fun prize-draw service from time to time.

Own risk and compliance

The use of the Services is at your own risk. You shall comply with all national and international applicable regulations. Furthermore you shall comply with the instructions, given by the Provider or the Operator.

Term and termination
The provision of the Services starts immediately after the Provider has received a message from You, applying for the Services and last until Yourequest to stop the provision of the Services, by texting the word STOP to 57977 or 57721. The Services will be cancelled within 24 hours on business days, otherwise on Monday after the weekend or the first business day after a national holiday.


1.      Prizes will be delivered within 60 working days after the day the specific Prize is won. Prizes are not interchangeable for money. The awarding of the winner of the Prizes is final and not subject to any correspondence.

2.      Prizes are subject to change. No rights can be derived from the values, mentioned by the Provider in connection with the Prizes. Prizes as well as the terms for delivery, can be subject to changes. Employees of the Provider and the Operator are excluded from the Services.

3.      Monetary prizes or other payments will only be made by money transfer. In order to be able to deliver the Prizes or to transfer monetary Prizes or to make other payments, You are required to provide the Provider with Your address and bank details.

4.     Examples of prizes can be;  iPhone 7 16GB or 650 EUR Gift voucher, etc.

5.     One prize is given away each quarter. Every quarter a user has the chance to compete for the quarterly prize. A user can win a maximum of one prize per quarter or at a time.


1.      By making use of the Services with your mobile phone, you are liable for the Costs due, even if it is not You who made use of your mobile phone.

2.      Services are rendered and the Products are supplied as is. The Provider does not give any guarantee as to the Services and Products. For questions and complaints as to the Products, You must approach the manufacturer.

3.      The Provider is not liable for any indirect or consequential loss (including any loss of profits, revenue, anticipated savings, goodwill, data, contracts or any loss or damage suffered as a result of any claims brought by a third party) which may arise out or in connection with the use of the Services or the Products. Furthermore, the Provider is not liable for any typing, printing or transmission errors.

4.      Without limitation to any other provision in these Terms and Conditions, the maximum aggregate liability of the Provider under or in connection with the Services and the Products (whether in contract, tort or howsoever arising) shall never exceed the Costs paid by You to the Provider in the 30 days prior to the cause of the action arising.

5.      In the event and to the extent the afore mentioned exclusion and/or limitation of liability is not permitted by the applicable laws, the liability of the Provider will be limited to the extent permitted by law.

6.      Each provision in these Terms and Conditions limiting or excluding liability, operates separately and shall survive independently of the other provisions.

9.      Indemnification
You indemnify and hold the Provider, its contracting partners, licensors, licensees and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim or demand, including attorney fees, initiated or made by third parties in connection with the Services, the Products and/or the breach by You of Your representations and warranties set forth in these Terms and Conditions or other agreements, entered into between You and the Provider.




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