Pricing and services

Is there a notice period or a minimum membership term?

You can stop playing at any time with immediate effect. Please note that the service can be shown again on your monthly invoice, as the network operators' bookings are back-dated.

I did not know that I have to pay for the service?

As a minimum, the price and applicable terms of the Spot4Fun are mentioned on the relevant webpage used to enter.

My child is minor and has entered the service?

On our website and promotions it is mentioned that persons under 18 have to ask explicit permission from their parents or guardian. We cannot be held responsible or accountable if a minor child subscribes without parental permission. You can cancel your Spot4Fun service anytime. 

I received a confirm message on my phone but did not order anything?

Probably someone has (accidentally) submitted your mobile phone number to one of our websites. Please ignore the confirm message (which is free of charge) provided to you in case you did not request our service yourself and when you do not wish to participate.


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