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a.      How do I become a Club member?

b.      How do I unsubscribe from the service?

c.      What are the membership costs?

d.      When will a prize be awarded?

e.      How long does the service go on for?

f.       I didn't know this was a subscription service.

g.      My underage child has subscribed to the service.

h.      Can someone else enter my mobile number and subscribe me?

i.       I didn't subscribe to this service, why am I receiving messages?

j.       I receive spam! How can I stop this?

k.      How can I stop pop-ups?

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How do I become a Club Member?
Please click on one of our unique offers on the web.

How do I unsubscribe from the service?
The fastest way to unsubscribe from the service is as followed:
1: Via text/sms: Customers can cancel at any time by texting the word STOP to the number they are receiving the messages from (e.g. 57495). The customer will be unsubscribed immediately.
2: Via e-mail: Customers can send an e-mail containing the mobile phone number that needs to be unsubscribed to [email protected]. The customer will be unsubscribed within 24 hours (during business days, otherwise on Monday after the weekend/holiday).
3: Via telephone helpline: Customers can call the live helpline number 01 6972 802. The customer will be unsubscribed immediately. Customers can also call this number for all other questions regarding the service.
4. Via our unsubscription form (click on the link).

What are the membership costs?
Membership costs €12 Euro a week. A Club member will be granted access to our store (and prize competition if applicable).

When will a prize be awarded?
Winners will be notified via a personal text message. The names of the winners will be announced on the website. Click here to find the next date [winner page].

This is a subscription service. The service will continue on until you unsubscribe from the service.

I didn't know this was a subscription service?
All the advertisement material clearly states (either visually and/or verbally) that this concerns a subscription service. Furthermore, after subscribing the customer receives a free of charge information message stating the costs of the service, frequency, information on how to opt-out and a website address for more information on the service.

My underage child has subscribed to the service.
We understand this is an unpleasant situation. To unsubscribe your child from the service directly, please see How do I unsubscribe from the service?
Our website clearly states that, in order to participate, users must be 16 years or older and/or have account holder's permission. We are not liable for subscriptions of minors without parental approval.

Can someone else enter my mobile number and subscribe me?
No. In order to for you to become a Club member, your mobile number has to be registered to our service. This is a multi-step registration process must be completed via our webpage, using your mobile handset. If someone enters your mobile number on our webpage (either accidentally or purposefully); it is not possible for this person to register your mobile number to our service without being in possession of your mobile handset.
Once a mobile number has been entered on our webpage, we send out a FREE text message to that particular mobile number. This free text message is designed to ensure the mobile number entered on our webpage is truly a valid mobile number and not a fake. Most importantly, in this free text message, we include a unique 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is specific to that mobile number only. To register a mobile number to our service, we must receive, on our webpage, only the 4-digit PIN which was sent to the mobile number in the free text message. Any other number will be not recognized and no registration will be completed. This PIN must be entered before closing the webpage or clicking away from the webpage. Once someone has clicked away or closed the window, the PIN will instantly become invalid and useless.
Therefore, quite simply, if the person entering your mobile number on our webpage DOES NOT have access to your mobile handset to open the free text message with the PIN, then no registration of your mobile number will ever be completed.

I didn't subscribe to this service, why am I receiving messages?
We are not allowed to send any messages to a mobile phone number without registration of the mobile number by the owner or someone in possession of the mobile number/mobile handset.

I receive Spam! How can I stop this?
Spot4Fun doesn’t send out emails. Our affiliate networks refer to our products in their promotional material, which are distributed through various mediums including email.
If you have signed up with such a network to receive promotional material via email, you could therefore receive a FireFlyMobile offer.
If you do not wish to receive these emails, you should contact the sender of the email and state your request. In most cases, there will be an unsubscription button within these emails that will allow you to block further communication from a particular party. Alternatively, you can block the sender of this email with a function within your own email application (Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail etc).

How can I stop pop-ups?
Some computer software is offered free of charge and comes with integrated advertising.
Such advertising allow the software developers to offer the software for free, and can be present in many applications including download accelerators, weather forecast tools, and music download applications. Our affiliate networks can promote Spot4Fun services via these applications, which will appear as a pop-up in screen.
Also, some websites generate their own pop-ups. Most of the time, this is done to enable them to continue to offer their products/information free of charge.
Your can compare this situation to free to air television, where commercials are broadcasted during shows to cover the cost of broadcasting those shows.
Pop-ups are harmless and can be closed in the same way as every other window.
If however, you wish to stop these pop-ups, you can either uninstall the application causing them, or install a pop-up blocker such as AdAware.

FireFlyMobile publishers have to adhere to strict advertising guidelines and shall not generate traffic through any of the following distribution methods: automatically opening windows, promoting on illegal video download sites, phishing, spamming or the use of spiders or robots.
Furthermore it is not allowed to use Internet scripting, frames or programs to generate false clicks/leads/sales on any FireFlyMobile campaign.
This list is leading, but not limited to other misleading or illegal distribution methods.

Should you require further assistance please send an email to:
[email protected] (Please do not forget to mention your mobile number in your email!). You can also call our helpline: 01 6972 802.



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